Random Thoughts #7: Abundance, Taxes and Mongol Hordes

There comes a time each winter when the days are short, the wind is sharp, and I feel bored as hell.

It could be the dark, or a lack of Vitamin D.

But my lizard brain always thinks it’s something more.

I start to question all my life decisions.

My birthday being towards the end of the year doesn’t help. I’m one year older, a bit closer to death, as each new year approaches.

“You’re wasting your life”, a voice in my head whispers, as I look sadly at the shelves of detergent at the supermarket. “You have no home. And nobody cares about you.”

I try to focus. Look at all that detergent. Aren’t we lucky to live in a world of such abundance? Bleaching! Color enhancing! White clothes! Black clothes! pH neutral and eco-friendly!

el nacional barcelona

In a second, though, the voice is back.

“You’re a tiny, disposable cog in a civilization-sized machine that’s hurtling towards oblivion.” (Imagine it in a sarcastic stage whisper.) “You’re going to die in a gulag, your body will be made into artificial food pellets for entitled Gen-Z babies, and they’ll use the calories to erect public monuments to Pewdiepie!”

“SHUT UP, INNER VOICE!” I say, in my mind.

I choose the color-enhancing detergent and head home.

If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet

One thing on my mind: taxes.

Since I fired my boss and went full-time as a writer, actually, taxes are on my mind a lot.

Steinbeck and Hemingway never mentioned this, as far as I know, but being a self-employed expat is a bitch. Maybe things were different in 1920s Paris, but I’ve got an accountant in Spain, another in the US, and bills coming out my ass. The IRS has a helpline, but if I call it the robot says all lines are busy, and hangs up on me.

As a result, I’m on Investopedia and Infoautónomos 28 times a month, looking for answers to my pressing questions about deductions, inflation, and the time value of money.

Then I get on Excel and plug numbers into spreadsheets. Cash flow projections, invoices, income statements.

It is, in a word, boring as fuck.

Although I assume if I’d kept my job at Safeway back in Arizona, I’d probably be just as bored.

(Who am I kidding? I quit Safeway, but they would have fired me anyway… I’m not a Safeway-caliber human being. Maybe 7-Eleven caliber, tops.)

One thing I’ve learned the last few years: you can achieve your biggest goals, but you don’t get away from having “problems”.

You’re gonna have to struggle for something. At least try to make it something meaningful.

Or, as Mark Manson says, “What’s your favorite flavor of shit sandwich?”

Barbarians, monsters, and Mongol hordes

Another thing on my mind?

Well, like I said before… the impending collapse of Western Civilization.

The barbarians are at the gates, and we’re debating what gender pronouns to use when referring to them. Don’t wanna offend the barbarians, after all.

Think of those historically oppressed minorities like the Huns and the Mongol hordes before you just use pronouns willy-nilly, you monster.

(Although technically, I should apologize. The word “monster” is, as they say, deeply problematic. Many members of the monster community, in fact, were historically oppressed, just like the Mongols. All that time hiding in little kids’ closets and under their beds. It’s apartheid, basically.)

Listen, people: love always wins. If the Volga Bulgarians had responded to Genghis Khan with hugs, rather than by putting up walls, he surely wouldn’t have massacred them.

But Genghis was facing systemic discrimination, and logically, he was hurt. What choice did he have?

Sorry, I meant to say: “What choice did ze have?”

I hear ze was fully-vaccinated, too. And practiced a lot of social distancing, out there on the steppe. A good guy – uh, human – all around.

gehghis khan photo
Genghis Khan, photo by William Cho, Creative Commons 2.0.

And in case you’re wondering, my pronouns are thou, thee, thine.

En fin…

I’ve got a lot more on my mind, of course.

The fact that I’m almost 40, and therefore halfway through my statistical life expectancy, is definitely giving me some things to contemplate.

And I was thinking about writing more about it, but my article on getting old still expresses more or less how I feel about that. Honestly, it’s not that bad. I’m a bit stiff in the knees when I wake up, some mornings. But otherwise healthy and doing fine.

So don’t worry too much about me, your humble narrator.

I don’t feel great about things today. But I probably just need some Vitamin D. Brain chemistry rules everything around me, as the Wu Tang says.

Anyway, I hope you’re having a good day, wherever you are.

Enjoy the abundance!

‘Cause civilization could end tomorrow.

Thoughtfully yours,

Mr Chorizo (AKA Mr Daniel).

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