bEAuTy Food Academy Barcelona – Cooking Master Classes

Hey hey!

Hope you’re having a good week out there…

Here in Barcelona the weather is warming up, and the terrazas are open again.

I’m starting to get some spring fever.

Also, I’m craving cholesterol.

(Just kidding, I’m always craving cholesterol.)

Today I wanted to share a video from my friends at bEAuTy Food Academy over in Poblenou, one of Barcelona’s up-and-coming neighborhoods.

It’s part of their campaign #viscalaboqueria – which is helping out the Boquería market…

La Boqueria is considered to be one of the world’s best markets, but unfortunately (because of the recent lockdowns and lack of tourism) many stalls have been forced to close.

But despite everything, food is beautiful – or maybe bEAuTy – so let’s see a food video.

Cooking Masterclass from bEAuTy Food Academy

The recipe is for pork tenderloin with blue cheese risotto…

I actually made the pork and the risotto at home (I skipped the artichoke chips) and the risotto blew my mind.

I’d never made risotto before, because I’d never actually liked it, but this recipe was awesome.

(The pork stayed in the oven a bit too long and ended up overcooked. Oh well… live and learn.)

The chef in the video is Fabi Fajardo, you can follow her on Instagram here.

And you should definitely follow bEAuTy here.

Once things are back to normal, they’ll be organizing a lot of events based around food, cocktails and more, out at Carrer de Doctor Trueta, 194.

And finally… support local businesses!

I’ve made a big deal on this blog about supporting local businesses.

And it’s never been more important than now. We’ve been shut down, more or less, for a year now – and a lot of people just don’t have the money to stay open much longer.

So head by the Boqueria when you can, and pick up some fruit, veggies, fish, or – my personal favorite – meat.

You can also have lunch in one of the bars, or just chill and have a drink. The food served in the bars comes from right there in the market.

I personally love the markets here in Spain, because of the multi-generational vibe. For example, my chicken lady has her son working for her on busier weekends, and also her mother.

Three generations of chicken wisdom!

You certainly can’t get that at Mercadona.

Anyway, hope you’re staying safe and dry.

Enjoy the recipe!

Daniel AKA Mr Cholesterol.

P.S. In other YouTube news, I’ve got a new channel of my own these days. It’s called “Learn Spanish with Daniel” and you can probably guess what goes on over there. So if you’d like to hear my adorable accent as I teach you everything about the verb “tener”, check it out. ¡Que tengas un muy buen día!


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