Best Podcast for English Learners in 2020

Hey y’all!

This has nothing to do with the usual topic of this blog.

But hey. I thought I’d let everyone know that my hard-working alter-ego Mr Daniel has a podcast these days.

In fact, it’s literally the best podcast in the world for English learners.

He’s calling it Aprende Más Inglés. You can see it here:

And on my other website, I have more information.

Anyway, podcasting is fun, and so far it seems like it’s a lot easier to gain traction with podcasting than it is on YouTube.

I’m already ranking in Argentina!

The 5th podcast in a whole country of 45 million? Yes please!

best podcast for english learners

I’ve been making videos on YouTube for about 5 years now, or maybe even more. And in the several months I’ve been podcasting, I’ve already surpassed a lot of the relevant audience stats that I’m working so hard for on video.

Podcasting: the new video?

Another thing I like is that there are just fewer factors involved in podcasting.

Of course, audio quality and reducing echo are important.

But on video, I have to worry about the audio as well – and also, I have to make sure the sun is out so I have adequate lighting in my living room, do something with my hair, edit the video afterwards…

It’s all just more time-consuming and difficult – and I don’t even make super elaborate videos.

Also, people can listen to a podcast while they’re going about their lives. They don’t have to sit down and look at the screen – they can be out jogging, at work, or wherever… and still give you a listen.

So, as usual, I’d encourage you – yes you – to start a podcast ASAP.

It’s a cool way to stand out in your professional life, or to make some money (potentially) off a hobby or a passion of yours.

My favorite podcasts, by the way, are The Tim Ferriss Show, Jocko Podcast

I even occasionally listen to Joe Rogan – the big dog in podcasting, bar none. Maybe you heard he’s getting a reported 100 million a year from Spotify.

And while I’m not his biggest fan, it’s hard to argue with the guy’s results. He’s bigger than anything else in media, basically. Take that, traditional publishing!

The best podcast for English learners in 2020

Well, that’s about it for now.

The link to my podcast up above is a general link, but it’s also on your favorite platforms: on Apple Podcasts, on Spotify, on Stitcher. And god knows what else.

It might even be on whatever obscure app you’re using!

So check it out.

Learn some English, with the best-ever podcast for that purpose.

And whatever you do, have a great day.

Cordially Yours,

Mr Chorizo AKA Mr Daniel.

P.S. I’d be lying if I said that half the reason for writing this post wasn’t SEO. Good thing I have another article about how you can get blog traffic. That’s a pretty good one. And if you’re curious, I’ve also got one about monetizing a blog. And about self-publishing a book. They’re all good articles. Have fun!


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