Thanksgiving dinner in Madrid at New York Burger – smoked turkey FTW!

Looking for a good Thanksgiving dinner in Madrid?

It can be hard if you’re a guiri far away from home, looking for a place to have that turkey and mashed potatoes.

Anyway… for every problem there’s a solution.

I’ve told you about New York burger before – I’m pretty sure they’ve got the best hamburgers in Madrid – and a barbecue menu that’s pretty good too.

And this year, they’ve invited me back to try their Thanksgiving dinner.

Southern Style Thanksgiving dinner in Madrid

Whether you’re full-blooded yankee or just feel like getting some protein in your diet, you can head to the Miguel Ángel location of New York Burger to try their Thanksgiving dinner from now until Saturday November 25th.

I went, once again, with trusty side-kick Morena, who’d never had anything like it.

“I’ve never had turkey before”, she said, stuffing herself with baby potatoes and munching on the crisp turkey skin with obvious relish. “So juicy!”

thanksgiving dinner in madrid at new york burger

The turkey dinner at New York Burger on Calle Miguel Ángel, Madrid.

The turkey is smoked in New York Burger’s famous ovens over their famous American wood and you have a choice of mashed or baby potatoes with gravy.

And they serve it with a “compota de manzana” – a sort of applesauce for a bit of sweetness.

All the info about New York Burger…

Making turkey is time-consuming and I guess supplies (and space) are limited so you need to book a table a day in advance – Call 915 93 71 57 and tell them you’re there for “Acción de Gracias”.

Or if you’re all high tech, you can book online:

Location: Calle Miguel Ángel 16, close to Metro Gregorio Marañón.

Price: The menu is for a minimum of two people and it’s 14,90€ per person.

Dates: from today till Saturday 25 November. I guess if it’s successful they’ll do it next year as well.

Fun fact: the chef at New York Burger is Pablo Colmenares, who’s been all over the US as well as worked in DiverXo – one of the most famous restaurants here in Madrid. If you don’t feel like turkey, you can also go for tacos, brisket, burgers and gourmet hot dogs.

And a final note from Mr Chorizo

Yeah, “gourmet hot dogs” are what they’re calling it these days.

I used to invite girls over to enjoy a footlong now and then… When I was much younger.

Anyway, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It’s right around my birthday, which leads me to contemplate my inevitable decline and eventual demise… and what better way to do it than getting tipsy with friends and eating turkey and pie?

I’m very thankful for my life in Madrid, and stuffing myself all winter long is one of the best times of year.

Up next, the never-ending Christmas / New Year’s / Epiphany season.

Ready to gain a few kilos?

I know I am.


Mr Chorizo.

P.S. I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner in Madrid, Barcelona or wherever you are on the great Iberian peninsula. By they way… another fun thing about the holidays in Madrid is the Christmas Lottery. I won’t be participating, as usual, but I’ll definitely be hoping to see you hopping around outside your lottery office, popping bottles of reasonably-priced non-Catalan cava. Good luck!


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