Clases de lo Social, Season 2

Last spring I wrote an article I called Clases de lo Social: the webseries about the awkwardness of Spanish life.

Just a quick heads-up–they’re back for a second season. The series, as before, follows a young Spanish couple through a series of awkward situations (both with each other and with their respective families and groups of friends) and is quite entertaining for its view of Spanish life in the 21st century.

Check out, for example, episode 2, in which Marta (played by the lovely and talented Sabela Arán) dances with a midget and meets the most pedantic man in the universe.

It’s called “Situaciones femeninas al ligar.” The teacher in the episode (played by Carolina Vázquez) can give me some “private lessons” anytime:

I, your gracious host, am almost as pedantic as that guy, in fact. But unfortunately, nowhere near as handsome. So it’s a bit disappointing that Marta ends up with Carlos in the end. But (sob, sob) life goes on.

Sabela can also be found these days in the new film A Esmorga, in which she plays Socorrito, a girl who lives (apparently) in a garbage dump.

The novel upon which the film is based is one of the most important works of literature in Galego, and Galicia is my favorite part of Spain, so I’m looking forward to seeing the film when it’s released here in Madrid.

It just came out this weekend, has so far been wildly successful (especially considering it’s in one of Spain’s many regional languages).

So far, there are four other episodes in the new season, and I assume they’ll be releasing more over the coming weeks. See also episode 5, in which we meet Carlos’ gay father and Marta’s asshole brother (also sort of pedantic, but in a much different way).

Anyway, once again, I’m happy to be in my sort of international bubble over here, and not to have to deal with Spanishness on this level – except when occasionally dating Spanish girls. Seems exhausting.

Until next time,

Mr Chorizo.

P.S. If you want to know why Galicia is my favorite part of Spain, check out this photo of Pontedeume.

P.P.S. That last article I did, The Glamorous Life of a (Semi) Professional Blogger, is possibly one of the best things I’ve ever written. Which is kind of unfortunate, given that the total audience for The Chorizo Chronicles is about 6 dozen people. (Plus all the people who show up from googling “prostitutes in Madrid” or “cómo ligar con guiris” but they don’t really count.)


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