Support your local casquería

Are you supporting your local casquería?

casqueria puente de vallecas

Maybe you should.

A lot of people have probably never spent any time at a casquería – the shop where they sell different kinds of organ meat. I think it’s cool just to know how many parts of a pig you could be eating. Nothing goes to waste. And it’s all pretty cheap.

This is the casquería in the Mercado Puente de Vallecas, my former neighborhood..

I’ve written a couple of articles about organ meat here on the blog: Oreja de Cerdo and Beef Tongue.

Have fun!


P.S. Update, 2023: Those prices! This was back before massive inflation was driving the price of everything up, and before I moved to Barcelona, where things seem to be more expensive anyway. But the point stands: you should go to a casquería and get some collagen in your diet. Also, check out my article about my love affair with Spanish cuisine. Enjoy!


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