My new book!

Ingles para Principiantes 2 cover

Well, finally. This is the biggest, longest, thickest piece of work I’ve ever published. It took me about 10 months to finish…

Half of that time, to be perfectly honest, I was busy eating steak and drinking wine, but still. It was quite a challenge to finish this thing!

Inglés Para Principiantes 2, my new book, is out on Amazon.comAmazon.esiBooks and also on my Online Store at Gumroad.

It’s long, it’s full of brilliance, and it’s got the Statue of Liberty on the cover.

After this I’m going to go back to something easier, like writing the Great American Novel or redoing the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Cover by Lucy Moretti Design

All the details are here.

Up next… Moby Dick 2: Ishmael’s Revenge.



How did I end up in Spain? Why am I still here almost 20 years later? Excellent questions. With no good answer... Anyway, at some point I became a blogger, bestselling author and contributor to Lonely Planet. So there's that. Drop me a line, I'm happy to hear from you.

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