Nude Cyclists in Casa de Campo, Madrid, Spain

Yup. It’s pretty much what the title says. Nude Cyclists in Casa de Campo.

Ok, ok – she’s wearing a thong.

But close enough.

nude cyclists in casa de campo, madrid, spain

I snapped a shot of these two free spirits in Casa de Campo today. To be fair, I was half naked at the time myself, and I gotta respect them for going all the way.

Nude cycling… What a concept! (Don’t forget to slather your nuts with sun cream…)


If you’ve spent any amount of time in Spain, you know that Spanish people love to debate about which is better: Madrid or Barcelona?

I’ve been to Barcelona a couple of times, and really it never did much for me. Gaudí. The beach. Whatever.

Mainly what I remember from my last visit was an old guy cycling naked along La Barceloneta. He had impossibly small genitalia and I wondered if perhaps he practiced nude cycling as some sort of overcompensation mechanism.

Well, score one for Madrid in that old debate… Now we have this sort of free-spirited (on weekends) northern European silliness, too!


Mr Chorizo.

P.S. See also Celebrating Spring and the timeless brilliance of Summer is Coming to Madrid: 6 Things I’m Excited About (which some people don’t like, for some reason I can never fathom.)

P.P.S. Updated, years later: I was recently in Berlin, and OMG. There was a park there I would just go ahead and rename “the Forest of Schlongs”. That’s some free-spiritedness fo’ yo’ ass. The number of naked guys hanging around in public was kinda shocking. And just the general weirdness of Berlin. Anyway, it was fun.

P.P.P.S. If you like nudity, you might like my article about sex in Spain as well.


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