Trujillo, Spain: a beautiful small town in Extremadura

Here are some pictures of Trujillo, Spain.

It’s a small town in Extremadura, a region in the in the west. Let’s say about two or three hours from Madrid.

And not to be confused with Trujillo, Peru, of course.

I was only in Trujillo for a few hours, a few weeks ago, but it was great and I’d love to go back.

We had a pretty good lunch – I can’t remember the name of the restaurant – and took a walk around town. We caught some processions and bought some local handicrafts.

It was pretty sweet.

This was also one of the only moments during Holy Week where we had a little bit of sun.

Here are a few photos of the town…

stork in trujillo, spain

Stork on a church tower in Trujillo, Spain.

In spring, storks come up from Morocco and basically every small town has the whole church tower covered with nests – they build in the highest places.

More pictures of Trujillo, Spain

Here’s some more photos…

landscape in trujillo, spain

The (very green) landscape as seen from the castle on the top of the hill. Ruins in the distance, and that Extremadura countryside.

On the way to Trujillo it rained the whole time, and the view from the bus was just grass and puddles and sheep.

francisco pizarro statue in trujillo, spain

This statue is Francisco Pizarro, who conquered Peru back in the 16th century. Apparently born in Trujillo… I guess the conquistadores had to be born somewhere!

I didn’t have a chance to take too many photos because I wasn’t there long, but just trust me… It’s a beautiful place and well worth a visit!

Also, check out the video I made of one of the Processions, also in Trujillo.


Mr Chorizo.

P.S. For more, check out 32 reasons why I love Spain. Trujillo didn’t make the list, but Galicia did. And if I spend more time in Extremadura, who knows what’ll end up on part 2 of the list.


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