Holy Week Procession, Mérida, 2013

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A procession in celebration of Holy Week (Semana Santa as they call it around here), on one of the main streets of Mérida, Extremadura, Spain. 2013. A lot of the processions were cancelled this year due to the rain, but this one went ahead as usual.

Those hats (called Capirotes) have some unfortunate connotations in the US, but in reality they have absolutely nothing to do with racism, the KKK or anything else. The Spanish have been wearing them for several centuries for various religious ceremonies. These days, now that the Inquisition is over and there’s no more capital punishment or public shaming of heretics, they’re only worn (as far as I know) during Semana Santa.

Video coming soon…

In the meantime, here’s some info about Holy Week in Madrid. Enjoy!


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