Daily Beast Reporter Eats Horse Meat, Loves It…

Christopher Dickey from the Daily Beast (who hopefully earns more than I do from writing) went out for some horse meat recently.

Christopher lives in France, and he makes a couple of interesting points in his article. The fact that Europe is becoming more “American” is undeniable, and he sees horse meat (like I do) as a holdout from another time. It is, just like Spanish foods such as Oreja de Cerdo (pig’s ear)  and many others.

The other point is the European way of eating meat raw. My parents in the states always used to cook steaks till it was black on the outside and grey in the center. This was supposedly to kill any bacteria that might be living in the meat, but really, it’s just another example of Americans’ unreasonable fear of food. 

Over here I eat steak seared on the outside, and still bloody on the inside, and haven’t had any problems.

Here’s the Daily Beast article… Pretty good, I’d say.

For moe about horse meat, check out A Horse is a Horse (on Vaya Madrid!) or The Great Horse Steak Controversy Continues.


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