Oh, just shut up and have some horse meat!

Horse meat is back in the news! No, not because it’s been found in lasagna or hamburgers in Tesco. Not because all of England and Ireland are on Emergency Horse Alert.

No, horse steak is, in fact, back in the news because I’m writing about it.

Here’s the article: A Horse is a Horse on Vaya Madrid! lifestyle magazine

My first thought upon hearing about the recent International Horse Meat Crisis was, “Honestly, who the fuck does a DNA test on a hamburger?”

My second thought was, “It’s my duty as a proud horse-eating citizen of Europe to stand up against the barbarians who would have us shun horse meat! To the Batmobile!”

My horse butcher is pretty cool, anyway. You should go visit her. Tell her I sent you!

BTW: Here’s the controversy surrounding my horse steak video on youtube: The Great Horse Steak Controversy Continues.

Want to tell me I’m a terrible person for eating horse? Leave me a comment!

I’ll probably delete it, but you might as well try…


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