Valentine’s Day in Madrid

Ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Madrid?

Years ago, people in Madrid unanimously agreed that Valentines Day was a stupid American holiday only celebrated by stupid Americans.

They’d say things like, “We’re Spanish. We don’t need these silly Hollywood ideas.”

Now, on Valentine’s Day, the streets are choked with fat guys carrying bunches of flowers off to their girlfriends or wives.

All my students are taking their spouses or significant others out to dinner. All those stupid American things.

valentine's day in madrid

Making out on a park bench is a perfectly acceptable date idea… even on Valentine’s Day!

What a difference a decade makes.

We’ve got Valentine’s Day.

We’ve got Black Friday – actually it’s a whole 4-day weekend from Thursday to Sunday, because who cares?

And we’ve got Halloween. Although it’s a bit controversial in schools run by nuns, and the appropriate Spanish spelling is jaloguín.

Anyway, times change.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Mr Chorizo.

P.S. Don’t forget, February 15th is San Faustino, the Patron Saint of cuckolds and single people.

P.P.S. People still kind of think that Santa Claus is a stupid American tradition. They’d rather see their local politicians ride camels around in blackface. See Blackface and Red Snapper: A Spanish Christmas.

P.P.P.S. Since writing this article, way back in 2013, I’ve become something of a world renowned expert in dating Spanish girls. That article is so ridiculously popular it’s embarrassing… (ok, actually it’s a pretty good article).


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