Is spelling fascist?

Readers, I’m sick of this. This fascist spelling, propagated by (white, male, middle-class) dictionary editors. It’s bad enough that our public schools are teaching people “proper” English and “correct” grammar. But spelling, too?

We need to realize that the spelling “rules” we all learn are just the bars of yet another cage that society puts people in, and that the sooner we liberate ourselves from the restrictions of these arbitrary conventions, the better. But of course, the communist/fascist education system will never tell you that.

Sou Aim rebelin agenst wut yu tink spelin iz. Ai kant teik it no moar. All si yu an thi uthur said, thet byutiful yutoupia wear we aint gotta follou nou roolz meid bai nou buk-larnd giks.

Ubandin spelin an gramur, liv fri!

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