Getting Things Done When You’d Rather Just Stay in Bed

Having trouble getting things done?

You should come to my place…

My tasks for the morning in order of my personal level of interest for them:

1. Update the links on one of my websites.

2. Go to the nut store and spend a lot of money on nuts. Yes, we have a nut store around here, and it’s awesome. Totally life-changing.

3. Unclog the kitchen sink.

getting things done

This place is in Chueca somewhere… and these days, my preferred time suck is walking around doing street photography.

If you’ve gotten to #3 and thought, “that doesn’t sound interesting at all!” then you’re right. However, unclogging the kitchen sink is still much more interesting (personally, emotionally, and existentially) than:

4. Prepare for my company classes.

5. Actually go teach my company classes.

I wonder what that says about my life…

See also: The Zen of Blogging. And maybe you should at least take a glance at the book Getting Things Done by David Allen. It’s a bit long and involved, but makes some good points.


Mr Chorizo.

P.S. I’ve improved somewhat since writing this, years ago. But I still waste plenty of time. It’s a daily struggle – and slowly but surely, I’m winning.


How did I end up in Spain? Why am I still here almost 20 years later? Excellent questions. With no good answer... Anyway, at some point I became a blogger, bestselling author and contributor to Lonely Planet. So there's that. Drop me a line, I'm happy to hear from you.

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