Wall Street Intsitute, Madrid: “Spain needs que you hables inglés de verdad”

Here’s something I found here in the barrio. Nice ad, huh? “Spain needs que you hables inglés de verdad.”

spain needs que you hables inglés de verdad. Wall Street Institute Madrid

Yes, right here in Madrid, Wall Street Institute is making their great contribution to the butchering of the English language in an attempt to sell English classes.

This ranks right up there with the City Council’s campaign a few years ago: “Bilingual schools? Yes, we want!”

Is it supposed to be funny? I guess.


We all speak it from time to time.

Anyway, on my humilde opinion:

Spain needs que some marketing people quiten sus heads de sus asses y dejen de butcher my language. También we need to make actually speaking English a requirement for being teacher of it in this country, but that’s another story…

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