Life Pro Tip #9: Be Thankful

Thanksgiving is long gone, but did you know that you can be grateful every day of the year? Gratitude is a fantastic practice that is guaranteed to make you feel happy to be alive!

You can be grateful for everything. When you get up in the morning, if you’re still all in one piece, you already have something to be grateful for. And with little to no effort you can probably come up with dozens of other things. Do you have food in your refrigerator? Do you live somewhere beautiful? Do you have something exciting coming up to look forward to? Does someone appreciate you?

I don’t know you terribly well, O reader, but I would bet that for every single thing you could whine about, there’s something equally important you could be thankful for. If you focus, and spend your time and mental energy talking and thinking about the positive, you’re guaranteed to be happier with your life.

Super ninja-level pro tip: be grateful for douchebags. Your enemies are your best teachers, because they force you to be patient. (Credit: HH the Dalai Lama.)


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