Monthly Farmers’ Market, Casa de Campo

Heads up, everyone! There’s a great new event happening the first Saturday of every month in Casa de Campo: a farmer’s market organized by Cámara Agraria.

They sell fresh and high-quality local products of all kinds, a lot of it organic or artisanal.

Wines, cheeses, meats, fresh vegetables, olive oil, local organic honey, bread, pastries and a lot more. My favorite thing is the beer from Cervezas la Cibeles, a local brewery.

WHERE: Paseo de la Puerta del Angel, 4 between the metro stops Lago and Puerta del Angel.

WHEN: First Saturday of every month, from 10 AM till 1 PM (come early, because lots of people show up after 11!)


Update: As always, a lot’s changing here in Madrid, so check the website to see if this is really still happening. I think Cibeles isn’t there anymore. But hey.


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