Camino de Santiago – mile marker in Manzanares el Real

Here’s a mile (or kilometer) post for the Camino de Santiago.

It’s located just south of Manzanares el Real, Madrid, Spain.

There’s a Camino de Santiago that starts in Madrid. I don’t think many people do it, because it involves walking all the way across Castilla y León, which (as you know if you’ve been there) is one of the most depressingly treeless areas that you can imagine.

camino de santiago manzanares el real madrid spain

We’re talking days and days without trees. All the way up till you get to Galicia.

Anyway, I’ve done the first several segments:

Madrid–Tres Cantos–Colmenar Viejo–Manzanares el Real–Navacerrada–Cercedilla–Segovia.

They were all kind of fun, except the first one. I did Cercedilla–Segovia in March, not realizing there would be almost a meter of snow on the ground in the mountain pass.

That was quite an experience!

For more walking, check out La Pedriza and GR footpaths in Spain.


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