Why Class Warriors Still Love Steve Jobs

This is an interesting article from the Economist. Why does everybody love Steve Jobs, while they despise other billionaires?

On a related note, I am amused with the new trend of hating on the rich. It’s an interesting departure from days of yore, when everyone assumed that the rich were just harder-working better people. Ah, to go back to those innocent days of 1998!

Clinton! Now there was a real president!

Anyway, I like how the term “class war” is seeping into the popular discourse.

Of course, there is quite a large difference between a bunch of Ivy League twats who are offended that they’re not earning six figures right out of college talking about class war, and an actual class war.

I don’t feel particularly bad for either the Ivy League twats or the billionaires. And I have a feeling that these self-declared class warriors would run away flailing their arms and screaming if they ever found themselves in a non-white working class neighborhood.

It would be one thing if class war were as simple as that scene in Casablanca where everyone is in Harry’s Bar singing the Marseillaise, nicely dressed with glasses of champagne in their hands, followed by a hearty self-congratulation at their singing louder than those pesky Germans. But I suppose it’s not.

Well, good luck, you class warriors!


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