Spanish beer and Spanish wine

A question from a loyal reader about Spanish beer vs Spanish wine:

I realize you live in wine country. What about beer?  I’m more interested in lagers and pilsners that ales and I know you don’t live in Germany.  Have you had any good microbrews?

And my answer…

Spanish beer and Spanish wine

Spanish beer is not among the world’s finest. The national brands like Mahou and Cruzcampo are okay on a hot day if wine is out of the question. I like Alhambra a bit more, but perhaps because I’ve only had it a couple of times.

There are a couple of microbreweries in the center of Madrid that I can’t say anything spectacular about, but they’re decent.

However, there are some very good German and Belgian beers that are available here (and probably in the United States too). I’m talking about Chimay and La Trappe—both Belgian Trappist beers made by monks—and Franziskaner, made in Munich.

Thanks for the question!

P.S. I wrote this years ago. Since then, Spain’s really stepped up its craft beer game. Also, I have a post from Brian Murdock about Wines from Madrid.


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