27 Phrasal Verbs Que Debes Conocer Segunda Edicion CoverMy first book about ESL is out on Amazon Kindle, iBooks and other places. 27 Phrasal Verbs Que Debes Conocer is a bilingual book that helps intermediate level students of English to learn and master phrasal verbs, generally one of the most difficult aspects of English for non-native speakers.

You can get it in PDF also – it’s on my online store at gum.co/27pv and it doesn’t cost much.

A phrasal verb is a verb with a preposition that changes the meaning, for example, keep on = continue. If you want to know a lot more about that, check out my website madridingles.net/phrasal-verbs – I’ve got plenty of articles over there.

P.S. I also have an author’s page on Amazon now. Ha! Next stop, fame, fortune and buying one of those big gold dollar sign necklaces!

Cover design by Lucia Moretti.

UPDATE: The book is now in second edition, so the links have been changed. The second edition is much bigger and better!

UPDATE FOR THE UPDATE: Now in third edition, and softcover! It’s all over Amazon.com and Amazon.es… Get your copy today!

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