Ciauscolo: The Champagne of Sausages

Ciausculo (also spelled ciabusculo, ciausculu, etc) is the pride of Italy’s least glamorous corner: a sausage from the Sibillini mountains on the border between the central Italian regions of Le Marche and Umbria.

In August of 2009 it was given Protected Geographical Indication, protecting it, like Champagne and Sherry, from imitators in other regions.

ciauscolo, the champagne of sausages

Photo by Eneida Sosa

The fat content is high (about 50%) which makes it great for paleolithic dieters. Its texture is soft, it can even be spread on bread. The flavor comes from spices (pepper, garlic and even orange peel) and the process of cold-smoking over juniper branches.

For 9 euros you can bring one back from your next trip to San Severino, the happiest place on earth! (I brought two last week.)

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