Are You Showering in a Super Panda Shower?

You can be damn sure I am!

There’s nothing like spending Easter Sunday trying to fix your shower. I can tell you all about it

I spent much of the afternoon working with my limited tools, actually considering at one point using a nutcracker to grapple with a bolt because all the pliers I have are these silly little girly things. Probably made for clipping toenails.

Finally, after much struggle, those ever-industrious Chinese immigrants helped me out, with a new shower hose made by the friendly folks at Super Panda.

I tried googling the company, and didn’t find anything, so I’m assuming they’re a few dozen people packed into a flat somewhere up my street, working 20 hour days assembling showerheads to pay off their debts to the Mafia.

Anyway, I got that shit fixed up. Bitches, I’m back in business! Now if only I had a couple of sexy Asian girls to shower with.

Oh, well.

Life goes on, and I’ve learned a lot about the mechanics of European showers. I’m feeling fairly “adult” right now.

Happy Easter to all and to all a good night!

See also: aventures without running water.


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