One of the best ways to spend 4 euros in Madrid

Today I was in Viva Chapata, right up the street from Plaza Lavapiés, for the hamburger. They call it a “Natacha” for some reason, and it’s great. All their sandwiches are on ciabatta bread, called chapata in Spanish.

It goes well with Finca la Estacada, a wine from La Mancha that’s strong and balanced. It comes from a city called Tarancón, which I will always remember because of a brief relationship with a girl named María de los Ángeles and 10 minutes in a horrible post-apocalyptic bus station with a chicken roastery inside it.

In any case, now that smoking has been banned in bars all over Spain, you can actually breathe while you eat.

It’s a beautiful thing, and cheap, too!

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