Liberals are Annoying

I swear. American liberals will find the negative in any situation.

Someday I’m going to innocently tell someone I walked down the street, and they’re going to jump up my ass with some comment like, “Of course, you WALKED DOWN THE STREET LIKE IT’S A PERFECTLY NATURAL THING TO DO. You imperialist pig, you’re forgetting the Kurdish war orphans who don’t have legs to walk down the street… You and your leg-privelege.”

And I’m going to be, like, “Kiss my white male ass! I can’t take Kurdish war orphans into account every time I do something.”

And we’re going to both think we’re right and the other one is wrong. And we’re both going to be irritated, and nothing is going to change.

Oh well.

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Update, 2023: Liberals are still annoying. The End.


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