Yes, folks, summer is on its way. The eternal debate, however, still rages. Which is better? Summer or winter? While both seasons have their advantages and disadvantages, I tend to prefer summer.

6 things I enjoy about summer in Madrid

Here are 6 things I’m excited about:

1. Gazpacho, sherry and carpaccio.

As much as I love red wine and cocido, I’m also happy when summer rolls around and it’s time for delicious cold seasonal foods. Drinking sherry in various specialty bars is also a plus. Also, the super-abundance of tomatoes and eggplants is great for making sauces and pastas.

summer in Madrid and six things I'm excited about
Tío Pepe. I drink more Osborne or La Gitanilla, but the important thing is that sherry is awesome.

2. Synthesizing Vitamin D naturally.

Vitamin D makes everything seem awesome. Just trust me. If you’re lacking in joie de vivre in winter, it’s probably because you lack Vitamin D. In summer you can get a huge vitamin buzz in about 15 minutes.

3. Daylight past 10 PM.

God bless European latitudes. It stays light until 10 or 10:30 most of the summer, and you can do all kinds of things. Of course, Spain is in the same time zone as Germany, which means the sun comes up much later than in the rest of Europe. But that’s Hitler’s fault.

4. Finding out who’s pro-bullfighting and who’s anti-bullfighting.

In late Spring, bullfighting season starts, and suddenly all the closet animal rights activists get all worked up about bullfighting.

The ironic part is that virtually none of them are vegetarians. They just somehow have the idea that being electrocuted in a slaughterhouse is much more dignified for bulls. I like to know who these people are, so I can take the rest of their opinions less seriously. Hypocrites.

5. Wacky summer fashion.

When Spanish people are mostly covered up, they look respectable for the most part. But give them a chance to walk around half-dressed in the heat and they’ll bring out clothes that are shocking and horrible even to my provincial sensibilities. It’s like a circus, and you can sit all day and just watch the freaks go by.

To be fair – and let no-one accuse Mr Chorizo of being unfair ~ they probably think I’m just as ridiculous by dressing the same way in summer as I do in winter. Long-sleeve shirt and jeans. The only difference for me is I leave my layers at home. But there’s certainly no shorts-and-sandals weather for me.

6. Laughing at everyone who starts whining about the heat.

You’ve never felt real heat till you’ve spent, oh, let’s say 20 summers in Phoenix, Arizona. Go do that and then let’s talk about how hot it is in Madrid.

On the other hand…

Not all is fun in the sun

Here are the things I’m not really looking forward to about summer:

1. Watching my income decrease by 80% as all my students decide they’d rather be synthesizing Vitamin D than coming to English class. 

Pretty much self-explanatory why this sucks. “Real teachers”, of course, have paid holidays. But if you’re in a language school on a temporary contract, you can look forward to a summer spent with virtually no income. Fun times!

2. Sweating like a pig at night.

Sleep, and all other bed-related activities become sticky, sweaty and somewhat disgusting events whether you’re alone or in company. And no offense to pigs: I’m pretty sure pigs actually refer to this as “Sweating like an overweigh German-American in an environment he’s not genetically designed for.”

3. Listening to Europeans complain about how “air conditioning makes them sick.”

This is apparently an old-wives’ tale that Europeans take really seriously. Europeans consider air conditioning to be more dangerous than mosquitoes in a malaria zone. They’ll be like, “Oh my God! Cold Air! Get it away from me!” All summer long…

So what’s better? In the end, summer wins my vote.


Mr Chorizo.

P.S. Coming soon: Which is better? Madrid or Barcelona? That’ll really piss people off.

P.P.S. I have a lot more to say about what I love (and what I don’t love) about Spain. For example: Gastro-this and hipster-that: lost in the new Madrid and 32 Things I Love about Spain.

Summer is Coming to Madrid – 6 Things I’m Excited About
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4 thoughts on “Summer is Coming to Madrid – 6 Things I’m Excited About

  • April 29, 2013 at 9:39 pm

    We eat meat, and they suffer, yes.
    But, we don’t make an entire show around that, we buy our met, cook it, and eat it.
    But we don’t go to a place to se how they kill animals to feed us, because thats not funny, and bullfighting it’s a show, people have fun while see an animal killed… fuck, that’s a lot diferent.
    I like your vision of our country, but, you use the same wrong arguments of pro-bullfighting instead of thinking in the show arround all that and not the part where an animal die.
    It’s a fucking cruelty killing something to pleasure someone, and yes, it’s hard and maybe cruel to kill something for eating, but there is an ocean between one thing and the other.

    • May 10, 2013 at 7:02 am

      And that’s the argument non-vegetarians usually use… That it’s somehow more cruel if a crowd watches a bull die than to have it die in a factory somewhere. I don’t buy it. I don’t think the bull is worried about that sort of thing in the last moments of its life. At least in the bullfight, the bull gets the chance to fight back!

  • February 13, 2014 at 9:39 pm

    Im a vegetarian (thank god for gazpacho! my suegra makes the best one), anti-bullfighting European that totally believes air conditioning makes you sick! Whenever i spend some time in an airconditioned room, my throat gets sore, my skin gets dry, its just no good. Silly Americans :p

    • February 15, 2014 at 10:04 am

      Hey Veggie, thanks for your civilized reply! I’m planning to investigate the idea that air conditioning makes people sick in a future article.


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